In Between Screens:
Locating radical practice today

March 2012:

Imagining, Designing, Constructing Collectivity.

Chris Johnson of Question Bridge

Natalie Bookchin
Blake Stimson (UC Davis)
Collectivism after Modernism

René de Guzman

Alex Juhasz

Ashley Hunt

Jigar Mehta
18 days in Egypt

Amy Franceschini

shagha Ariannia

Julie Lazare? (ask her, northern calif suggestions)

Rita Raley

Chris Csikszentmihalyi

Lev Manovich

Tyler Stallings (UC Riverside) - ask for Inland Empire Recommendations

Bang Lab (Ricardo Dominguez)?

Shagha Arieana

Socializing Social media,

Natalie Bookchin

Amy Balkin

Pato Hebert
Alex Juhasz

Benjamin Bratton

rudolf Frieling SFMOMA

Matthew Coolidge CLUI

Edgar Arceneaux
Watts House Project

Trevor Paglen

Dont Rhine

generating new prototypes
Natalie Bookchin
Mark Hansen
Alex Juhasz
Lev Manovich
Chris Csikszentmihalyi
Anne Burdick
Amy Heibel
Blake Stimson

Wendy Levy of BAVC,

someone from Mozilla

bodies (in between screens )
witness/sam gregory)